Overview of service Whois. How to find out whether the domain is available?

Anyone who thinks about buying a domain name, or just want to check the IP address, the very first thing you need to do – is to use a special information portal Whois. Due to such a service, you can find all the information about the domain registration, providers, site. This is not a separate unit service, such information portals lot: almost always in each country has its own Whois portal, and even more than one.

Basic functions that perform similar sites – is the provision of information services to network users. To use the service, you just need to visit the site Whois, and you search the name or IP address of an Internet resource of interest. Can be especially useful for a similar service for those who wish to register your own domain name. Through Whois can easily check whether or not it is free. Normal registered domain set a web browser may not help, as can already be addressed for someone fixed, but it is not used in the network. Thus, before you pay for hosting, install it on WordPress, plugin Profile Builder and select a theme site, you should check the domain name on employment.

With the help of Whois service can get detailed information about each registered on the Internet portal. What is this information?

when registered (released) domain;
the name of the organization or individual to whom it is registered;
all contact information provider or company for whom the domain is fixed.
All such information anyone can get for free. Whois service for the data card does not take but always warns that all the information can be used by users in the framework of the legislation, which registered the service itself.

Also, the data can not be used for spamming. The service itself Whois, namely an organization that provides such services, taking into account all the complaints and requests from administrators to restrict access to specific information about the domain. In some situations, all the information on the site or IP address can be closed.

In order to find and take advantage of such a service, do not need to know specific reference to a resource or to download the software, you just need to type in any search engine word Whois. After that, the results appear to choose any of the portals providing services service Whois. Then type in the search bar service you are interested in the IP address or domain name and click on search. Whois then shows you search results – it could be information about the domain or lack thereof, if such a name is not registered.